2018 - Creation and initial development phase.
The creators of the WIHOLL brand began to research market needs and identified a strong demand for comfortable, basic, and affordable casual clothing. In that same year, we launched our first store on Amazon, where we specialized in casual and minimalistic designs.

2020 - Exploration phase of modern casual wear.
WIHOLL brand started to explore and develop soft and high-quality fabrics suitable for casual wear to ensure that consumers do not feel any discomfort when wearing them. They continue to improve and optimize the comfort of their products, aiming to provide consumers with a comfortable and textured wearing experience.

2022 - The fusion of lifestyle and design.
In 2022, we launched our DTC website, as an upgrade from our Amazon store, offering more high-end and sophisticated designs, while still maintaining our core values of affordability, comfort, and simplicity. The WIHOLL brand connects design with life, introducing the concept of "from everyday wear to vacation wear, from office wear to leisure time". No matter how complicated the modern world is, WIHOLL offers a diverse range of products in line with the consumer's concept of simple necessities and a minimalist attitude toward life.

Over time, the WIHOLL brand has evolved and grown to offer consumers more comfortable, basic, and affordable casual clothing options that remain true to its unique brand philosophy.