About Us

Founded in April 2018, the WIHOLL brand was created by a team of designers with a unique perspective on fashion and lifestyle. This team is dedicated to creating casual clothing that focuses on comfort, basics, and affordability, aiming to provide consumers with cost-effective and stylish options.

At WIHOLL, we make our products based on ‘ABC’ principles in mind: Affordable, Basic and Comfortable. We set the price to affordable in order to make this accessible for all.  We carefully select affordable materials and design simple, basic styles and colors that consumers can easily match and wear, whether for every day or other occasions.

Redefine Comfort with Urban Chic

WIHOLL designs are all about modern urban vibes, where elegance meets simplicity, and comfort meets style. Our clothing line is inspired by the youthful spirit of urban women who love to keep it simple and stylish at the same time. Our designs are tailored to fit every woman's taste, embracing her individuality and confidence.

Wiholl Connects Design to Life

The WIHOLL concept approaches every aspect of life like a catwalk, from daily look, vacation look, office look. WIHOLL offers a wide variety of products in line with your concept of simple life necessities and a simple attitude to life, regardless of the complexity of the modern world.

2018 - Creation and initial development phase.
The creators of the WIHOLL brand began to research market needs and identified a strong demand for comfortable, basic, and affordable casual clothing. In that same year, we launched our first store on Amazon, where we specialized in casual and minimalistic designs.

2020 - Exploration phase of modern casual wear.
WIHOLL brand started to explore and develop soft and high-quality fabrics suitable for casual wear to ensure that consumers do not feel any discomfort when wearing them. They continue to improve and optimize the comfort of their products, aiming to provide consumers with a comfortable and textured wearing experience.

2022 - The fusion of lifestyle and design.
In 2022, we launched our DTC website, as an upgrade from our Amazon store, offering more high-end and sophisticated designs, while still maintaining our core values of affordability, comfort, and simplicity. The WIHOLL brand connects design with life, introducing the concept of "from everyday wear to vacation wear, from office wear to leisure time". No matter how complicated the modern world is, WIHOLL offers a diverse range of products in line with the consumer's concept of simple necessities and a minimalist attitude toward life.

Over time, the WIHOLL brand has evolved and grown to offer consumers more comfortable, basic, and affordable casual clothing options that remain true to its unique brand philosophy.

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